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6 New Games + UI Changes

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    Six games have been added:

    • Wands Alliances
    • X8
    • B3
    • F1® 23
    • Dungeon Full Dive

    There has also been a change regarding to how you add games to your profiles and groups.

    Groups: You now have to go to ‘manage’->’games’ to edit the game settings.

    Profiles: It’s in the same place, under ‘profile’->’edit’, but there is a new ‘games’ tab.

    You will also notice a new ‘home team’ checkbox. That is in preparation for tournaments and challenges.

    That’s right, it’s been a long awaited feature and the time is coming. These features will be referred to as ‘Battles’. When the Battles are first released, it will be a beta release. During the beta release, anyone who helps test features will receive a ‘beta tester’ badge. In addition, anyone who finds and reports a bug will receive the ‘bug hunter’ badge.


    There is also some changes to the forums. They have been minimized a bit, a tiny text editor has been added to the content form, and I will be slowly working on adding official game links to all of the forums.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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