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    I would first like to inform you that we have added one more game to the list. “VRChat”. You can now update your profile and/or group(s) to reflect if you play VRChat.

    There is also now a age range filter for the Players directory.
    When you open the filter menu, you will see a new option to enter a age range. This feature will filter the players directory by users’ age. The birthdate field will now be required during signup.
    There is not yet a way to filter the groups by age requirements. Though, that is a work in progress.

    Galleries have been added to Player profiles and Group pages.
    When adding a activity update, you can now add videos or images. The media that you upload will be organized in your profile or group, depending on which activity feed you uploaded the media to. You can also add media through external urls.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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