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    Circles: This feature allows players to create custom circles, functioning similarly to a contact list. Players can add other players to these circles for easier communication and organization.

    Poke: When users want to reach out to a friend but don’t have anything specific to say, they can now use the Poke feature. It serves as a friendly gesture to check up on friends within the GuildsVR network.

    Forum Improvements: Enhancements have been made to the forum functionality. Users can now quote forum replies or topics, set a forum signature directly from their player profile, and utilize HTML in their forum posts for better customization.

    Activity Links: Posting links within activities now provides a preview of the link before posting. This allows users to ensure the accuracy and relevance of the shared content.

    Activity Social Share: Users can now share activity posts to various social media platforms. Supported platforms currently include Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Whatsapp, facilitating broader outreach and engagement.

    Crowd Mentions: A significant enhancement for communication within GuildsVR, this feature allows tagging of crowds in activity posts. Within guilds, users can tag groups such as @players (all players), @leaders (guild leaders and co-leaders), @friends (friends who are also guild members), and @staff (site administrators). Similarly, within profiles, users can tag @friends and @staff for relevant notifications and communication.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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