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    Hello to all the gaming enthusiasts out there! It brings me immense pleasure to share some exciting updates regarding the ongoing evolution of GuildsVR. As the sole visionary driving this project, I’ve been diligently working to create an even more enjoyable platform. Let’s dive into the details of the various enhancements I’ve introduced, each designed to bring a new dimension to the world of GuildsVR.

    Matchmaking Perfected: Guild Matching

    In my quest to create the ultimate gaming community, I’ve made the decision to phase out server fields from the matching process. This change will streamline the experience by eliminating the need to keep track of these fields across different games.

    To take personalization to the next level, I’m thrilled to introduce player ages into the matching algorithm. This exciting addition ensures that your gaming companions not only share your game preferences but also fall within your age range. This new feature, combined with our guilds matching capability, ensures that finding like-minded gamers has never been easier.

    Seamless Invitations: Connecting Made Effortless

    Simplifying the process of connecting with fellow gamers has been a key objective. I’ve introduced an invitation feature that allows you to invite anyone to join the GuildsVR community via email. To make it even more convenient, the invitation email automatically includes your referral URL. Once an invitation is accepted, an automatic friend request is initiated, and both users become mutual followers. Additionally, guild invites can now be effortlessly sent through these emails, ensuring that new members receive a guild invitation upon registering.

    I’ve also introduced a feature that enables you to invite any registered player to join your guild, rather than just your friends.

    Enhanced Guilds: Tailoring Your Gaming Haven

    Guilds are the heartbeat of GuildsVR, and I’m delighted to introduce two powerful additions to enhance your guild experience:

    • Timezone and Age Range: Embrace customization with open arms as I unveil two new guild fields: timezone and age range. These settings, conveniently accessible within the guild settings, allow you to fine-tune your guild’s profile and boost your matching percentage.
    • Hometeam Button and Guild Tag: Witness the refinement of the hometeam button’s functionality and the introduction of a new guild tag. This tag proudly graces player profile headers and the player directory, ensuring your guild stands out in the virtual realm.

    Empowerment through Privacy: Your Profile, Your Rules

    Empowering players with the ability to control their profiles and privacy is paramount. That’s why I’ve introduced new privacy options for profiles. You now have the freedom to choose who can view your profile and the option to hide it from the players directory. As part of these improvements, I’ve shifted the default landing tab from ‘profile’ to ‘activity.’ Additionally, I’ve introduced messaging to friend requests, enriching the personal connection experience.

    Activity Empowerment: Express Yourself

    Providing diverse ways to engage with the GuildsVR community is essential to me. Hence, I’m thrilled to introduce a slew of features to enhance your activity engagement:

    • Like/Dislike Voting: Express your opinions through like/dislike voting on activity updates, articles, comments, forum topics, and topic replies.
    • Mood Expression: Infuse your activity updates with emotions by selecting from a range of mood options. Your most recent mood will be prominently displayed on your profile.
    • Hashtags for Connection: Discover fellow gamers who share your interests with hashtags on activity posts and forum topics. These hashtags are automatically added to the topic tags for easy navigation.
    • Selective Sharing: Privacy options for activity updates enable you to choose your audience, ensuring that your posts are seen by the right people.

    Connections Made Visible: Likes, Dislikes, and Favorites

    Gone are the days of wondering who liked or disliked something. Now, players who have expressed their opinions through likes and dislikes are clearly displayed alongside the content they engaged with. Additionally, players who have favorited an activity will be showcased within the activity itself, making it easier than ever to connect with those who share your interests.

    Stay Updated with ‘What’s Hot’

    Introducing the all-new ‘What’s Hot’ tab for player updates. This feature keeps you informed about the most popular activity posts, so you’re always in the loop when it comes to engaging conversations.

    Emails that Impress: A Visual Makeover

    I’m proud to announce that all emails within GuildsVR have undergone a design transformation. With an improved visual appeal, these emails promise an engaging and immersive experience from the moment they land in your inbox.

    In Conclusion

    These enhancements are designed to elevate your GuildsVR experience to new heights. Whether you’re a casual gamer or a dedicated VR enthusiast, my platform is crafted to help you discover your ideal gaming community. As I continue to enhance the platform, my commitment remains unwavering: to provide you with the tools to connect, communicate, and immerse yourself in the virtual worlds you cherish.

    Wishing you endless adventures and unforgettable gaming moments.

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