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Enhanced Game Filters: Adding Co-Op Games and Simplified Guild Management

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    I’m thrilled to announce a game-changing update for GuildsVR that brings more power and convenience to your guild management experience. With a focus on flexibility and ease of use, this update introduces exciting features that cater to your guild’s unique preferences. Let’s explore what’s new:

    Expanding Possibilities: Adding Co-Op Games to Your Guilds

    GuildsVR has always been a place to foster connections over shared gaming interests. Recognizing the diverse gaming landscape, I’m excited to introduce the ability to add Co-Op games to your guilds. Co-Op games, renowned for their immersive storylines and cooperative gameplay, now have a home within your guild. This means you can enhance your guild’s offerings and invite members to explore a wider range of gaming experiences.

    Fine-Tuning Your Guild’s Game Collection: Category and Subcategory Filters

    The gaming world is vast and varied, and finding the right games for your guild can be a delightful challenge. To simplify the process, I’m introducing intuitive category and subcategory filters. Now, Players  can effortlessly find Guilds to join. Whether your guild leans towards shooters, racing, simulation, or any other category, the new filters ensure your game collection resonates with your members’ preferences.

    Effortless Game Management: Real-Time Title Search

    Managing your guild’s game list has never been smoother. I’ve introduced a real-time title search feature that dynamically updates the game list as you type. Say goodbye to manual scrolling through extensive lists—now you can quickly find and select games by typing their titles. This streamlined approach not only saves you time but also ensures accurate and efficient game management.

    Enhanced Visual Experience: Cleaner Guild Info Box

    Visual clarity is crucial when presenting your guild’s information. With that in mind, I’ve refined the guild info box by removing direct game tags from the profile. This creates a cleaner and more organized look, ensuring that your guild’s focus and identity take center stage. The new filtering system replaces the need for lengthy game lists, providing an improved user experience for both guild leaders and members.

    An Impressive Expansion: 58 New Games Added

    As a testament to GuildsVR’s commitment to offering an extensive game selection, I’m excited to announce the addition of 58 new games to the platform. This expansion further enriches your options when selecting games for your guilds. With a diverse array of titles to choose from, you can cater to a broader audience and make your guild a hub for even more gaming enthusiasts.

    Experience the Next Level of Guild Management

    These updates mark a significant milestone in GuildsVR’s evolution. With the ability to add Co-Op games, refined filtering options, real-time title search, and an expanded game library, managing your guilds has never been more empowering. Embrace the future of guild management and elevate your gaming community. Let’s embark on this exciting journey together!

    Games Added:

    All-In-One Summer Sports VR
    Among Us VR
    Arizona Sunshine® 2
    Arobynn: Below The Surface
    Battle Bows
    Beat Saber
    Broken Edge
    Bullet Roulette VR
    Clash of Chefs VR
    Creed: Rise to Glory™
    Crossfire: Sierra Squad
    Death Horizon: Reloaded
    Drunkn Bar Fight
    Electronauts – VR Music
    Eleven Table Tennis
    ForeVR Bowl VR
    ForeVR Cornhole VR
    Friends World
    Fruit Ninja VR 2
    Genting Party
    Golf 5 eClub
    Grapple Tournament
    Hellsweeper VR
    Killing Floor: Incursion
    Kingspray Graffiti VR
    Medal of Honor™: Above and Beyond
    Mini Golf Aeons
    Pointy Ends®
    Private Property
    Project Terminus VR
    Puzzle Party VR
    Quest Together
    Rampage Agents
    Raw Data
    Rival Rides
    Rooms of Realities
    Snapshot VR
    Space Ball VR
    Sprint Vector
    Subspace Hunter DEMO
    Swords of Gurrah
    Tabletop Warriors
    The Devourer: Hunted Souls
    Tower Tag
    Ultimate Front
    V-Racer Hoverbike
    Vetrix Worlds
    Virtual Fighting Championship (VFC)
    Walkabout Mini Golf VR
    War Dust VR: 32v32 Battlefields
    Warplanes: Battles over Pacific


    Oopsie. I made a mistake.
    The games field for players was accidentally deleted and some data was lost.
    You will need to re-add games to your player profiles.


    After some well-needed rest, I realized what I messed up for player profile games. The old data has been updated, so there is no need to re-add games on your profiles.
    Be sure to checkout all the new games though. More will be coming.

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