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    I’m thrilled to announce some exciting changes and enhancements to GuildsVR. These updates have been designed to make GuildsVR even more engaging and interactive. Here’s what’s new:

    Fixed Player Challenges Bug

    • I’ve addressed a pesky bug in our player challenges feature. Previously, not all mutual games were not displaying correctly. Now, you can easily view and engage with your mutual games without any issues. Get ready to challenge your friends and rivals to epic showdowns!

    @Tag Guilds

    • You asked for it, and I’ve delivered! The ability to tag guilds has been added.
    • Guild leaders and co-leaders, listen up! You’ll now receive notifications when your guild is tagged. Stay in the loop and keep your guild members informed about all the exciting developments within your gaming community. Communication has never been easier.

    Introducing Fan Pages

    • I’m introducing a brand new feature – Fan Pages! When creating a guild, you now have the option to turn it into a Fan Page. Fan Pages are perfect for dedicated communities, influencers, sponsors, developers, fan clubs, and more. They come with some fantastic perks:
      • Only leaders can create new activity posts and forum topics.
      • Players can participate by replying to posts.
      • Forums are renamed to ‘Announcements’ to better suit the Fan Page format.
      • To make it even easier to find Fan Pages, I’ve added a ‘Fan Pages’ filter tab to the guilds directory.

    Wiki Functionality

    • Get ready to dive into the world of knowledge sharing. Wiki functions are now live within Guilds and Fan Pages. Here’s what you can do:
      • Create multiple wiki pages.
      • Customize view privileges to control who can access your wiki pages.
      • Allow others to edit and add content to your wiki pages. Collaboration just got more exciting!

    Fine-Tune Your Guild with ‘Controls’ Settings

    • Guild leaders, this one’s for you. Take control of your guild with our new ‘Controls’ settings. You can now hide menu tabs from non-guild members and add a custom message to your guild’s home page. Keep your guild organized and well-informed.

    Enhance Your Guild with ‘Extras’ Settings

    • The possibilities are endless with our ‘Extras’ settings. Customize your guild’s menu tabs order, add custom pages, and incorporate custom field data. Want to display more information? Whether you’re running a Fan Page, want to show off some info, or need a second wiki, these settings allow for endless creativity.

    I hope you enjoy these updates and find them useful for your gaming adventures. As always, I value your feedback, so don’t hesitate to share your thoughts with me. Happy gaming!

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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