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    • Time Zones Field Added to Profiles
    • Google Ads Approval
    • Groups Changed to Guilds
    • Members Changed to Players
    • Guild Admins and Mods Renamed
    • Guild Games Settings
    • Display of Selected Games
    • Hometeam Option
    • Social Media Accounts

    I am thrilled to announce a recent update to our website that brings a host of exciting features and improvements. As the sole developer behind this project, I have been working tirelessly to enhance the user experience and prepare the platform for an adrenaline-pumping feature: Battles! Read on to discover the highlights of this update and how they will enhance your gaming experience.

    1. Time Zones Field Added to Profiles:
      Understanding the importance of global connectivity, I have introduced a new time zones field to user profiles. This addition ensures that players from different parts of the world can easily coordinate and schedule their Battles, tournaments, and challenges. Say goodbye to the confusion of mismatched time zones and hello to seamless gaming experiences with opponents from around the globe.
    2. Google Ads Approval:
      I am delighted to share that I have recently reapplied for Google Ads and received approval. This achievement allows me to continue providing our platform free of charge, while also supporting the growth and development of our community. I appreciate the support of our users and look forward to offering you an even better experience with the website.
    3. Name Groups Changed to Guilds:
      To create a more immersive and engaging atmosphere, I have renamed our groups as “guilds.” This change aims to evoke a sense of camaraderie, collaboration, and shared purpose among our users. Join a guild today and forge lasting friendships as you embark on thrilling Battles together.
    4. Name Members Changed to Players:
      In line with the transition from groups to guilds, I have also updated the terminology for our user base. Members are now referred to as “Players.” This change acknowledges the active participation and competitive spirit of our users, emphasizing their role in creating an exhilarating gaming environment.
    5. Guild Admins and Mods Renamed:
      In recognition of their crucial roles in guiding and supporting guild activities, I have rechristened guild admins as “leaders” and guild mods as “co-leaders.” These new titles highlight the importance of their contributions, and their ability to shape the guild’s direction and success.
    6. Guild Games in the ‘Manage’ Menu Settings:
      To streamline the navigation and make it easier for guild leaders and co-leaders to manage their guild’s activities, I have moved the Guild Games feature to the ‘manage’ menu settings. This relocation provides a centralized location for all guild-related tasks, ensuring effortless access to organizing Battles, tournaments, and challenges.
    7. Hometeam Option in Game Settings:
      In preparation for the highly anticipated Battles feature, I have added the “hometeam” option to game settings. This addition allows guilds to specify their designated home team, adding an exciting strategic element to competitive gameplay. Prepare to showcase your skills and conquer rival players in the forthcoming Battles!
    8. Stylish Display of Selected Games:
      I have introduced a visually appealing feature that showcases the selected games on the side of guild pages. With an elegant and eye-catching design, this display not only adds aesthetic appeal but also allows players to quickly identify the games their guild is engaged in.

    With this recent website update, your gaming experience is about to reach new heights. The addition of time zones, the transition to guilds, and the upcoming introduction of Battles showcase my commitment to fostering a thriving community of passionate players. Get ready to join forces with fellow players, showcase your skills, and prepare for the exhilarating adventures that lie ahead. Brace yourself for the journey and stay tuned for the launch of Battles, where epic competitions await!


    In addition to the website updates, I have created seven new social media accounts to further enhance your experience and keep you connected with our vibrant community. Let’s delve into the details:

    I’m delighted to inform you that major update posts and player created articles will be automatically shared on all of the social media platforms, ensuring you receive the latest news and engaging content regardless of the platform you prefer. Stay connected, be part of the conversation, and enjoy the seamless flow of information across all our social media channels.

    1. Facebook: Stay updated with our Facebook page, where you’ll find major updates, exciting announcements, and member-created articles automatically posted. Engage with fellow players, share your thoughts, and be part of the lively discussions.
    2. Reddit: Join our subreddit community to immerse yourself in discussions, ask questions, and share your gaming experiences. Discover new strategies and connect with like-minded players.
    3. Twitter: Follow us on Twitter to receive real-time updates on the latest website developments, Battles, and engaging articles. Stay connected, join conversations using hashtags, and interact with a dynamic community of gamers.
    4. YouTube: Subscribe to our YouTube channel to access exclusive video content. Dive into game tutorials, thrilling Battle highlights, and interviews with top players. Watch, learn, and be inspired by the incredible gaming experiences shared on our channel.
    5. TikTok: Join the fun and follow us on TikTok! Experience bite-sized gaming content, entertaining challenges, and sneak peeks into upcoming Battles. Get ready to enjoy gaming videos with a creative twist.
    6. Instagram: Follow us on Instagram for visually stunning content, behind-the-scenes glimpses, and highlights from Battles and tournaments. Discover captivating images that celebrate the world of gaming and join a community of passionate players.
    7. Tumblr: Dive into our Tumblr account, where we share engaging gaming-related content, articles, and fan art. Explore the creativity of our community, share your own creations, and connect with fellow gamers in a unique and expressive environment.

    With these seven social media accounts, we’re dedicated to providing a diverse range of platforms for you to connect, engage, and share your gaming experiences. Major updates and member-created articles will be automatically posted to these accounts, ensuring you don’t miss out on any exciting news or captivating content.

    Join us to be part of an ever-growing and passionate gaming community. Together, let’s make our gaming experiences even more memorable, interactive, and enjoyable!

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